Hand instruments

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We never compromise on quality.

ISFY Ltd manufactures high quality, durable single and reusable dental instruments of exceptional quality and value.

We pride ourselves on innovation, and use valuable customer feedback to develop some truly differentiated products. These include affordable single-use dental instruments, unique flexible periotomes designed to minimise trauma, a double-ended probe and BPE and elevators that offer the most exceptional handling on the market.

We are serious about standards, and for that reason we have sourced the very best materials, machinery and processes from across the globe.

Our premium Anaqa range is made with the finest quality titanium coated steel, and is manufactured with the finest German machinery, with carbide tips by Serration Ltd in the UK.

We never compromise on quality, and all Anaqa instruments come with industry leading guarantees, for ultimate peace of mind.

ISFY instruments can be purchased through our distribution partners Wrights Dental, Dental Directory, Euro Dental Depot and DentalSky.

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Cygnetic range combines a thicker stainless steel blade.

With dental and facial aesthetics in mind Swann-Morton offer a versatile range of traditional and specialised scalpel blades. The cutting edge expertise embodied within these blades meets the most demanding and complex requirements presented by modern day periodontal, cosmetic, oral implantology and maxillofacial procedures.

Assisting in-practice compliance with the EU Sharps Directive the sterile retractable safety scalpel supports safe passing protocols and encourages safe disposal. Currently available in a number of popular shapes with colour-coded triggers for ease of recognition, there are plans to add a 15c and 12 in 2019.

The single use sterile blade remover assists in the safe removal of a contaminated surgical blade from the traditional metal surgical handles whilst the “Cygnetic” range combines a thicker stainless steel blade with a special innovative handle which grips the blade firmly on both sides providing additional lateral strength when cutting in and around enamel and bone.