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Enhancing endodontics.

Q.E.D Ltd, the independent endodontic supply company! providing a full range of endodontic materials and equipment.

The company started in 1989 as the UK’s distributor of Maillefer products, prior to DENTSPLY’s acquisition of Maillefer in the mid-1990s. Since then Q.E.D has increased its portfolio of manufacturers to bring you endodontic products from the likes of VDW, Morita, Obtura Spartan, Sybron Endo (Kerr), B&L Biotech, WAM, plus many more.

Currently our top product has got to be the RECIPROC one file endo! With that header its always going to come under scrutiny, but with the feedback received by many of its users it has certainly changed many of our customers’ (new and old) approach to endodontic treatments. In addition, if you look at all the research, it’s surely worth a try!

A specialist company servicing ALL dental practices, with an experienced sales team in endodontics!

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British Endodontic Society.

Membership of The British Endodontic Society is open to all dentists. You automatically receive membership to the European Society of Endodontology as well as the International Endodontic Journal.

Encouragement of professional development and the promotion of high standards are central functions of the Society. The Society aims to bring together individuals with whom the practice of endodontics forms part of their working life and to offer advice and guidance.

The Society arranges two conferences each year in the UK and other ad hoc seminars. In addition, in association with other dental organisations, it co-hosts major national and international congresses.

The Society also takes an active role in the development of the profession overall. The Society’s website provides information for both the dental profession and members of the public, including details of research grants, awards, study clubs and training pathways.

For further information please contact Annabel Thomas, BES, Chief Operations Officer.

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Filpost is the only prefabricated post system that can be customised to suit the restoration for root post and core build up. It can be bent and shortened without risk of fracture, enabling easy insertion of multiple posts into converging canals. Engineered to be easier to place, even in difficult cases, in a faster, safer manner.

There is more preserving of healthy tooth structure and it is stronger in use via its unique passive ‘interlocking’ system. 99.8% titanium, biocompatible and compatible with all dental materials. No drilling required during placement thus avoiding risk of perforation.

Its anatomical shape minimises dentine removal.

Retention grooves along the post, working together with retention grooves formed within the canal surface, by the special Universal Groover, create a unique passive interlock that strengthens retention.

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One shape with a twist.

Take the One Shape file, heat treat it and you have the new One Curve. All of the properties of your reliable One Shape file but with extra flexibility. The variable asymmetrical cross-section of One Curve allows for safe, effective debris removal, while the variable pitch ensures reduced screwing effect, creating a smooth procedure for the clinician.

The longer instrument pitch (available in 21, 25 and 31mm) allows greater flexibility in curved canals. The single file system allows for easy stock management in the surgery and it is also available in a handy procedure pack. Simplify your endo shaping and reduce costs with the One Curve, single file system.

Available through your usual dental retailer or contact J&S Davis directly.