Digital X-ray

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Find an all-in-one unit for your imaging needs.

All Planmeca CBCT units support three different types of 3D imaging as well as extraoral bitewing, cephalometric and digital panoramic imaging. This flexibility between 2D and 3D allows clinics to optimise their imaging and select the techniques that work best with each case. With proprietary features for ultra low dose imaging and patient movement correction also available, our units provide a completely unique dental imaging experience.

Planmeca Ultra Low Dose™ is the best method for acquiring CBCT images at low doses. Where it protects patients from unnecessarily high doses, the new Planmeca CALM™ imaging protocol helps avoid retakes by compensating for movement, resulting in sharper final images. The algorithm can be applied both before the exposure and also after a scan is completed.

From Planmeca Viso™, the new generation of CBCT, through to the ProMax 3D family, you’ll find a true all-in-one unit for all your dental imaging needs.

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Helping dentists and laboratories access all elements of the digital workflow.

For those looking to integrate digital into practice, Connect Dental from Henry Schein Dental helps dentists and laboratories access all elements of the digital workflow, from 3D imaging, digital impressions to the final restoration, including hardware, software and materials allowing every area of your practice to be seamlessly linked together. 3D diagnostic and intraoral scans that integrate directly to the patient’s file in your practice management software makes management of images easy and straightforward. And with encrypted data transfer from practice to laboratory, the preparation needed to produce accurate restorations has never been more streamlined. In-surgery design software for general and implant dentistry, as well as milling guides for implants and custom abutments, are now combined with new generation milling materials that ensure final restorations are accurate, durable and aesthetic. So whether you need help with a move to a digital workflow, want to know more about how CEREC® or Trios can help you meet clinical challenges, or for an insight into the latest digital innovations, Connect Dental from Henry Schein Dental has everything you need to run a successful and profitable practice.