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Planmeca CAD/CAM offering.

The Planmeca FIT™ system for chairside digital impression dentistry provides clinics with a completely digital workflow from start to finish. Seamlessly integrating intraoral scanning, 3D designing and on-site milling into one software platform, allowing production of restorations in a single visit.

Comprising of the lightweight Emerald™ or PlanScan® intraoral scanner, PlanCAD® Easy software and the PlanMill® 40S milling unit, the Planmeca FIT™ system is all about integrated efficiency. It seamlessly integrates into Planmeca Romexis® software, so all 2D and 3D patient data is accessed through the same user interface.

Planmeca Creo™ is the latest 3D printer for creating dental objects such as models and surgical guides with true precision and efficiency. It is the perfect tool for dental labs and large clinics aiming to expand their production capabilities and increase efficiency. You can also enjoy the freedom to print objects from different design software with an open interface for STL imports.

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Helping dentists and laboratories access all elements of the digital workflow.

For those looking to integrate digital into practice, Connect Dental from Henry Schein Dental helps dentists and laboratories access all elements of the digital workflow, from 3D imaging, digital impressions to the final restoration, including hardware, software and materials allowing every area of your practice to be seamlessly linked together. 3D diagnostic and intraoral scans that integrate directly to the patient’s file in your practice management software makes management of images easy and straightforward. And with encrypted data transfer from practice to laboratory, the preparation needed to produce accurate restorations has never been more streamlined. In-surgery design software for general and implant dentistry, as well as milling guides for implants and custom abutments, are now combined with new generation milling materials that ensure final restorations are accurate, durable and aesthetic. So whether you need help with a move to a digital workflow, want to know more about how CEREC® or Trios can help you meet clinical challenges, or for an insight into the latest digital innovations, Connect Dental from Henry Schein Dental has everything you need to run a successful and profitable practice.

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3Shape Trios with Cerec Omnicam.

Henry Schein Dental offers the new 3rd generation Trios, and Cerec Omnicam, which are a three-in-one digital intraoral impression solutions. Intraoral scanners are fast and easy 3D colour impression taking; capable of scanning the entire mouth, slimline designs and compact camera tips.

The scanners offer easy handling full arch scanning resulting in more comfortable treatment for the patient. The scan can be viewed in a matter of minutes on screen in a full colour 3D model, with all surfaces shown in their natural shades, allowing you to be more efficient and more precise.

Trios supports a wide range of dental indications to give you more treatment options and more opportunities for a quicker return on investment. Verified 3Shape CAD/CAM workflows for each specific indication ensure you optimal accuracy, ease of use and outstanding clinical results. Whether you work with a dental lab or your in-house practice lab, 3Shape complete digital workflow makes it easy.

Cerec Omnicam takes digital impressions, which can be instantly transmitted to your dental laboratory, or, in conjunction with the milling unit be used for in-surgery milling. The ‘Cerec meets Invisalign’ module allows for 40% faster impressions and 70% faster treatment planning.