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The Contour.Next will satisfy many needs.

Tridac’s Contour.Next chair system is named to reflect the smooth outlines and minimal projections which make it an easy chair to clean and maintain. Despite the minimalist features it has a highly flexible range of movement right through to left hand/right hand conversion, achieved in seconds and without the use of tools.

The Contour’s delivery system uses pilot air control and could indeed operate like an air only unit. Thanks to converters it can also support electrical instrumentation, including sophisticated electric motors. All this conjures up great performance, with renowned reliability.

The Contour.Next is robustly constructed and avoids flimsy plastic cases which can fail due to sunlight or disinfecting chemicals.

Patient comfort is assured through a choice of smooth, seamless upholstery or hand finished soft foam upholstery for added luxury.

Topped off with an LED operating light, the Contour.Next will satisfy many needs and keep on doing so for many years.

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There is suitable unit for your needs.

All Planmeca dental units have a distinctive clean and simple design, with space for you to work freely and comfortably. The units are highly compact because of the side-lifting mechanism of the cuspidor block. The decision is yours, from the Planmeca Sovereign® Classic, Compact™ i Touch or Compact™ i Classic to the Planmeca Chair™. There is suitable unit for your needs.

Pair these with Planmeca dental stools, which are anatomically designed to provide optimum support and a high degree of comfort, catering to diverse user needs. Easily accessible levers allow effortless adjustment while seated, without distracting the treatment. Planmeca Lumo™ dental stool and Planmeca Olo™ saddle stool are available in all Comfy™ and Ultra Relax™ upholstery colours.

You’ll get advanced LED technology with Planmeca Solanna™, with less shadows and an adjustable light intensity of between 8,000 and 50,000 lux. The light offers warm, neutral or cool colour temperature and a composite mode.