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Official UK and Ireland TriHawk distributor.

• Talon 12 (fg1158) & Talon 10 (fg1157) – The best TC metal and crown cutting burs for veneers, crowns and bridgework, ideal for cutting through combinations of enamel, amalgams, ceramics, porcelains, titanium, precious and unfamiliar metals

• All-in-one proven quality, low-breakage, cost effective burs for sharp, smooth, chatter free cutting that cleanly remove material quickly (see our website for current prices)

• Full range of high quality FG carbide burs including 245, 330, 331, 57, 557 and many more UK stocked options

• Commonly used top of the range course grit FG Diamonds including 109, 140, 198, 199, 249 and 289s (see our website for current prices)

• Surgical Talon 12 and carbide burs uniquely available in 25mm shank length for that little extra reach, ideal for rear molars, wisdom teeth, sectioning roots, and removing implant screws and posts. Suitable for bone cutting YouTube videos of Talon TC metal and crown cutters in action; very low breakage; steriliseable; less chatter damage to handpieces; ‘single use’ rolls of 100 burs in ‘aseptic’ packaging.

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Burs are our passion.

Tri Hawk is continuously striving for excellence. Over the last 30 years, our bur designs have become the envy of the industry, Tri Hawk burs are the sharpest and fastest in the dental World. We feature a complete product line; metal-cutting, carbide, diamond, finishing and our new endodontic burs. All of which are offered in standard and surgical lengths.

What makes a Tri Hawk bur unique?  Just about everything! We not only manufacture our burs, we also build our own grinding machines to do it.  Our welding technique is one of a kind in the industry which allows us to produce the strongest burs in the market. A Tri Hawk bur has by far the lowest breakage rate in the industry.  Our innovative approach, perseverance, focus and pride has enabled the Tri Hawk bur to achieve Global recognition.